Social Commands Edit

say "Your Majesty, how can I serve you?"

Speech on behalf of character.

say ";My food was poisoned! I am dying!"

Speech on behalf of character using means of radio communication. (Mostly when character uses bracelet with inbuilt radio)

say "*bows"

It's "Emote". Use it to describe character's actions. You don't need to put period in the end of the sentence.

ooc "Hey guys! How long does the round go?"

External "Out Of Character" chat. You can use button OOC on the right panel.

Hotkeys Edit

Change active hand:  PageUp

Change attack mode: PageDown, or click on the equipped weapon

Dive/Float: Ctrl + PageDown / PageUp. If your character doesn't float, you don't have enough stamina, or you are over encumbered.

Artificial respiration: LClick + Help + Zone:MOUTH

Heart massage: LClick + Help + Zone:HEART

Examine (character/item): Shift + LClick. Examination of character provides you with evaluation of his weak spots, what gives temprorary advantage in battle.

Point the finger on a character or a place:  Ctrl + RClick. You can use it to indicate something with a small red arrow. It is simple and visual.

Pull character/item: Ctrl + LClick. If you wish to pull a charater by force, you should first grab him (GRAB).

Switch Combat Mode: Numpad0, or RClick on yourself. When Combat mode is off, your Character is considered to be calm and careless. Any attack on him will be successful.

Unjam: RClick on a jammed firearm.

Give item: RClick + Help

Intercourse: Drag yourself on your victim using LMB. If you pull yourself on yourself, you would be able to interact with your anus. See: Sex

Undressing someone: Drag your victim on yourself

Check pulse: RClick + Help

Unbandage: RClick + Grab. Clothes may interfere.

Aim (ranged weapon): RClick + Harm

Threaten (melee weapon): RClick + Harm (at a distance)

Advanced attacks: RClick + Harm (close)

Field surgery: MClick. You have to equip a small cutting weapon. Advanced intents must be disabled.

Advaned Action: MClick on a target. Action depends on special intent: KICK, STEAL, JUMP or BITE respectivly.